Top 10 Bangkok Attractions for 2015
As the only country in Southeast Asia that remains unoccupied by western power in the Thai history, the heritage and culture are less diverse here. Buddhism plays an essential part in uniting the people. The fact that 95% of the population are Buddhists make the number of temples to thrive in most parts of Thailand, especially in Bangkok where you can find some of the biggest and most unique temples in the world.
Also, because of the monarchy system, you can find a few palaces that are so grand and palatial that you should pay a visit too.
Jim Thompson House is the only building that was previously owned by a foreigner who has contributed so much to the Thai silk industry that the government pays tribute by turning his house into a famous attraction in Bangkok.

The Grand Palace

Located right in the centre of Bangkok, this building complex has officially been the residence of Siam kings since 1782.

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