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Ayutthaya Floating Market

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65/12 Moo 7 Pailing, Ayutthaya 13000, Thailand
Entry to the Market

There are several entrances to the floating market so the starting points vary depending on which entrance you take. The main entrance is shown below.

Another entrance.


Ayutthaya Floating Market looks big on the map. But in fact it is not and is easy to navigate. Each place has a unique feature so you will remember when you visit the same place.

Beautiful Scenery

Fish Feeding

You can purchase the fish food and enjoy seeing the fishes scramble for it.

Wide Variety of Products

Local products are abundant in Ayutthaya Floating Market.

Shop Merchant

The “noodle candy” is unique in thai. The candy you buy here is freshly made.

Boat Merchant

There are not a lot of merchants selling on boat probably because it is tougher to sell than the allocated shop cubicles. When you find one, be sure to give them a smile 🙂

Elephant Village, Sheep Land and Caved Tiger

At the north side of the market, you can find elephant village, sheep land and the caved tiger lie next to each other.

Elephant Riding

Elephant-riding service is provided. However, there are separate pricings for the locals and tourists. The tourist price is 700 baht for a 30-min ride.

Sheep Land

You can see lamb hanging around the area freely but sheep is kept in the cage.

Leaving Ayutthaya Market

Famous Bangkok Location

Recommended Activity

Distance from Ayutthaya Floating Market


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