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Bang Krachao

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Bang Krasop, Bangkok

Even though many tourists regard Lumpini Park as the best getaway to a nice green environment in Bangkok but, Bang Krachao located across Chao Phraya River is considered to be the city’s “green lungs”. It is basically a huge area of unspoiled orchard and mangroves with very little infrastructure. The floating market of Bang Krachao is another popular destination where varieties of products are available like herbal based cosmetics, Thai food, confections and organic produce. Bikes are available for rent from Bang Krachao which can be used to explore the elevated pathways and raised embankments of the area.

The Scenic Beauty of Bang Krachao

Bang Krachao offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. This place is a 10 minute ride in boat from the dock area of Klong Toey. It offers 1890 hectares of protected orchards and mangroves in the province of Samut Prakan across the river. The pristine nature and undeveloped state of the area is the most stunning aspect of the place. It is difficult to access Bang Krachao by car as there are minimal infrastructures. Guided tours are organized in buses by various travel agencies.

The Suan Klang Central Park

The peninsula consists of a 30-hectare park, the local name for which is Suan Klang Central Park. The most fascinating aspect of the park is visiting the areas that have a bunch of coconut trees. The area is accessible only by bikes, motorcycles, and by foot. In the park you would also find a landscaped garden that is man-made and that comes with paved paths, pedal boats, and fountains. You would come across a maze of pathways that are elevated and pass through a dense tropical forest.

Honey Market

The Honey Market is a weekend or holiday market where you would find traditional confections of Thailand, fresh produce, and the natural herbs and plants-based cosmetics. You could get lucky enough to get hold of the natural herbs and flowers such as dried petals of hibiscus, mulberry green tea, blue flowers, dried nuts, safflower tea, etc. You would also find in the market jars of honey with chunks of beehive in them.

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