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Bangkok’s Chinatown happens to be a famous tourist attraction and also a place for foodies. The place is packed with street side restaurants, market shops and a large number of gold shops. This old district of Bangkok remains crowded with vehicles and crowds almost every time and never lacks activity. The markets sell almost anything and different types of goods are available at extremely cheap prices. Foods of all kinds are available here starting from seafood to Chinese to traditional Thai food. The friendly locals, markets buzzing with activity, plenty of gold shops and numerous food joints make Chinatown a preferred spot for most tourists.

The Vibrant Life of Chinatown

Chinatown has been one of the most popular tourist attraction for the diehard foodies. The tourists flock the place primarily to taste its vibrant nightlife alongside the tasty cuisine of the place. However, this is no indication that the place remains empty in the daytime. It is as much crowded and congested with locals and tourists.

Chinatown- a Shoppers’ Destination

The streets are packed with travellers visiting the street side restaurants, market stalls, along with a thick concentration of the gold shops. The wooden shop houses are not beautiful but alluring. You would get some of the finest items that are specific to Thailand and its art. You can shop almost everything starting from the best local and international brands and native artefacts of the country.

The Sampeng Market is a chosen destination for the shoppers. It is a covered market area which can be visited even if you are not in a position to purchase something. There are a number of small markets in the small streets of the neighbourhood. You may try your bargaining skills as well at some places.

How to reach Chinatown

The MRT to Hua Lamphong should be taken following which you should take five minutes to walk to the neighbourhood’s centre. A river ferry can also be opted to Surawongse which is few minutes from the Sampeng Lane entrance.

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