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Sam Sen Rd, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10210

This is one among the most popular restaurants of Bangkok. It is well run and located in Samsen area. The restaurant offers modern facilities for its guests and serves a sufficiently large menu that is fresh. The interiors betray sophistication making room for a cosy and intimate atmosphere while the windows run from ceiling to floor affording views of the city outside. The restaurant offers areas for children and is perfect for a family visit. You can taste some of the best cocktails at Chomp. The sitting areas are plenty.

A Place to Hang Out

The restaurant has seats on individual table as well as on the bar table that allows you to lounge with your group of friends.

Mouth-Watering Western Food

Though the owner and the big chef is Thai born, he has great passion for western food. Trained in Australia for over 6 years and with the good understanding of the local ingredients, he knows how to combine the two to make a sumptuous meal.

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