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Erawan Museum

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99/9 Moo 1 Bangmuangmai, Samut Prakan, Bangkok 10270

The Erawan Museum shows exquisite art collections of Thailand. The name of the museum is derived from Erawan, which is Thai for Airavat, a Hindu mythological elephant. The museum was originally built to protect the priceless antiques and the Thai arts and sculptures that are relics of ancient Thai tradition and culture. The ground floor of the museum shows the underworld of Hindu mythology. Its first floor represents the earth or the place where humans live and the top floor shows the Travatimsa Heaven that is located atop Mount Meru according to Buddhist cosmology.

The 3-headed Elephant Statue is a Must Watch

The statue of 3-headed elephant that sits atop the pink pedestal is the most attractive and amazing attraction in the museum. It is 39-metre long and 20-metre high and weighs whopping 250 tonnes. The image is intriguing and has become worshippers’ spot in addition to tourists’ attraction. The building that forms the base of the bronze statue is a full 3-storeyed museum.

Three-headed elephant is used as transportation by god Indra in Hindu mythology. However, it also symbolises eastern cosmography. Therefore, the 3 floors of the museum signify the universe in Thai belief. The basement represents underwater world, first floor represents centre of universe – Mount Meru and the top floor represents heavens above Mount Meru.

Erawan Museum houses numerous precious religious objects and antiques, many of which were considered sacred objects that could bring prosperity and fertility to the land in the past.

Several Other Unique Exhibits

The ground floor is softly lit and exhibits invaluable antiques and naga human, which is a figure poof half human and half serpent. Beautiful decoration with stain glasses, fanciful supporting pillars and intricate stucco moulds that have 5-coloured porcelain inlays are pleasant to watch on the first floor. The top level houses ancient Buddha images and is adorned with exquisite art that depicts the solar system in Thai belief.

The Erawan Museum is open between 9.00am and 6.00 pm daily.

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