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Ethos Bakery Cafe

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+ Address
85/2 Tanao Road, Banglumpu, Bangkok
– Go to east end of Khaosan Road (silver and tattoo shops)
– Cross over Tanao Road and go left
– Pass Center Silver and enter 2nd alley on the right

Big comfy cushions, friendly staff, soft lighting and world music are some of the numerous things that will be grabbing your attention here in this restaurant. This restaurant gives you the chance to escape from the tedium and chaos of Khaosan Road by offering some great food and a unique lounge environment.

The restaurant counts among one of the most standard eateries offering quality food and quality ambience. Ethos Bakery Cafe offers a modern atmosphere and yet retains a traditional touch. The ambience of the restaurant together with its quality cuisine makes the restaurant one of the most preferred choices. The restaurant offers all the basic and modern amenities that are typical of a modern day restaurant. The interiors are simply decorated and yet have a kind of elegance in them.

Hi-Tech Connectivity Services

The restaurant features a travel library, free Wi-Fi connection and an exciting playlist of world music. The menu here mainly comprises of Thai, Eastern, Western and Indian food. A Sustainable Living Directory is being compiled by Ethos so as to connect tourists with the permaculture and organic projects in Thailand.

Wide Variety of Cuisines

Ethos Bakery Cafe offers a rich variety of cuisine that consists of Thai delicacies. The restaurant also offers other internationally famous cuisines along with a large selection of desserts. The desserts they offer are fresh and delectable.

The menu is 100% vegetarian and mostly vegan. The atmosphere is peaceful and serene offering the visitors an opportunity to relax and de-stress themselves as they sit at the cosy and comfortable seats.

Awards and Acclamations

The restaurant has received the certificate for excellence in the year 2013. They excel at the preparation of Thai food, and claim to do it with “competence, integrity, ethics and love”. The dining options offered include breakfast, brunch, dinner, after-dinner desserts and cocktails.

The staffs and services are standard. The waiters are patient with the customers and are hospitable as well. They are punctual and cater to the customers with a friendly nature.

Ethos Bakery Cafe is a favourite with not just the locals of Bangkok, but with all those coming from other parts of Thailand and abroad.

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