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14 Floating Markets in and around Bangkok – What to Expect?

Have you ever visited floating markets before? While visiting Bangkok, you simply can’t afford to miss this attraction which can be experienced by several ways. You’ll be surprised what you can see and buy in this lively and exciting places.

When you are visiting floating markets, there are some things you need to know, and things you can expect. We guide you through 14 most popular markets around Bangkok, and you’ll learn interesting facts about them, as we get to know some useful stuff, like where to buy certain things, and where to avoid crowds, etc.

Let’s dive into the floating markets of Bangkok.


We’re going big with the first one. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is among the most popular floating markets in Thailand. As it is the biggest and most famous one that it got to a point that is specially set up for tourists. You can expect lots of souvenirs and stuff to buy here. Even though that might seem a bit bad, and turn you away from going to this market located around 1.5 hours ride from Bangkok, don’t think that way. If you have never visited this place before, you’d be amazed at the lively atmosphere. You’ll feel like you’re in the busiest market in the world.

It is possible to walk and explore, take photos worth winning prizes for the colorful and differentially interesting shot.

You can also enjoy the ride in the small boats guiding you through narrow canals, from where you can see the way of life in this area, living on the water, working on the water, the rush and the noise of the market. You can expect feeling overcrowded and rushed, but this is just the first impression, and you’ll get used to the noise of the market and its atmosphere. Chances are, if you’re a tourist, you’ll visit the market in the weekend. There are some lovely stuff to be found and bought, just keep an eye of the prices, and don’t get fooled easily. Haggle if necessary.


The live atmosphere of Amphawa Floating Market allures lots of people, local and tourists, and this one has a bit less details for tourists. You won’t feel like you’re in a big souvenir shop on the water definitely. (You will, but not that much.)

There are quality goods to be bought here, not much hassle and haggling, and good number of variations to explore. Many people enjoy the night boat ride, and share positive comments on traveling portals. With unique experience, and a little bit less rushed and noisy atmosphere, Amphawa Floating market is one of the must-visit attraction located in Samut Songkram province where you’ll be able to find a few other floating markets.

Food is awesome that everybody visiting recommend it. The roasted shrimp are among the best.


Ayutthaya floating market is located near the ancient city of Ayutthaya, an UNESCO’s heritage site of culture. This market is a place designed and built for the locals, but it is getting popular among tourists. If you want to explore some different places than the regular Bangkok’s attractions, this floating market is a great option. Elephant riding, fish feeding and picture-taking with a tiger are available here.

Lots of locals head over here from Bangkok’s concrete urban jungle. You can buy local delicacies from canoes and boats where food is prepared, and honor some Thai tradition as well. This is an interesting place where you’ll come back with lots of amusing stories and great photos to showcase to your friends. We made a lot of them.


Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market

This market is around 20 kilometers from Bangkok. This is more like a riverside market where most of the buying and selling take place on the ground. You wouldn’t expect to buy small furniture set for balcony at a floating market, right? You should expect more comfort but less uniqueness in your shopping here. There are small amount of wooden boats with food for tasting some dishes and snacks here. There are so many combinations of well-known meals, as well as some unknown ones.

Try get a lovable boat rides and delicious, tasty and colorful fruits here.


There are some floating markets that are not turned into crowded subways. Taling Chan Floating Market is one of them. Not too big and commercialized, and with enough boats to call it a market, Taling Chan floating market is more calm, and still good enough to provide some nice food, lovely products, and some unique experiences. Even though there are enough commercialized markets around Bangkok, this one is in the “becoming to turn” phase.

What to say to back this up? You can get a foot massage in this market. A good idea for the tired feet but definitely a commercial one. Nevertheless, there is some uniqueness left in this vivid and beautiful place. And in Taling Chan, you’re going to taste some delicious seafood. Many famous meals are prepared here like the roasted head of snake fish, to be more precise. Be quick and get a good position in that line.


Bang Nam Pheung Floating Market

Stepping out from the hectic and rushing life of Bangkok and shop in a less crowded floating market is sometimes a difficult task, since many floating markets in Bangkok are getting more and more visitors every single day, making the attractions crowded with tourists and locals together.

Well, in Bang Nam Pheung floating market, this is not a case. Lovely small market is based more on the ground than water, since there are only a few boats alongside the Chao Phraya River, and lots of stalls are on the solid ground. Finding this market is not an easy task, even though it’s found near the Bangkok city area. This market offers you some lovely food to try (The noodles were great) and rustic, “just like home” charm and atmosphere. Sweets and fruit is a must-try. Rich fauna is preserved and is a big part of naturalist surroundings.


There are floating markets that are still in their natural form, where you don’t feel the commercialization influence, or rushing sellers competing to get a sale. Tha Kha floating market is one of them. Located around 6.2 miles (10 kilometers) from Amphawa Floating Market, Tha Kha offers spiritual, natural, and local experience. You will admire the original state of the houses here floating on the water.

You can experience and explore Amphawa canals on a small wooden boat (ride is cheap) and buy some local products, made by hard working men and women in the area.

The market starts at early hours, and it closes around noon. If you’re the naturalist type, you’ll love this floating market, as its surroundings showcase pure naturalism and a true village community.


Bang Noi Floating Market

With more than a hundred years old, Bang Noi floating market used to be a big market. But when more roads were being built in this area, the interest for this market dropped. However, after Amphawa market started rising in popularity and visits, local authorities started putting effort to bring Bang Noi floating market back to life again.

There are still not many visitors here, and you can take this to your advantage to have more pleasant walk around this floating market. You can get traditional meal and products. Red noodle soup earns my absolute recommendation. There is a rowing boat ride service available, taking you to a small temple Wat Sai, where you’ll find another floating market there.


Ayutthaya Klong Sa Bua Floating Market

About an hour drive from Bangkok, Klong Sa Bua floating market is an interesting and lovely market. It is not a traditional floating market like others on this list, but it deserves mentioning here.

Since most of the floating markets target tourists, the Water and Dinner Theatre in Klong Sa Bua floating market is a step forward of becoming one as well. The theatre shows are interesting and worth taking your time here. The price is 50 baht for adults and 30 baht for children.


Bang Khu Wiang Floating Market

This is one of those not commercialized floating market in Bangkok area. For learning and exploring the traditional way of life by the river, this floating market is a great spot. Not crowded that much as other popular markets, even though it is easy to reach by river.

You can see monks in here buying groceries for the temples, doing errands. Many stalls sell traditional goods, products and food, tasty and tropical fruits at bargain prices. The boat tours are available and enjoyable, for an affordable 80-100 baht. You must get up really early for this one as the opening hours is between 4am and 7am.


Don Wai Floating Market

Great amounts of food, on the ground stalls, lovely and colorful sweets and fruits, traditional pleasantries and clothes, cups, and hundreds of souvenirs are some of the describing facts here. Not overcrowded, but with decent amount of visitors every day on its runtime, this market offers a lot to the visitors from around the world, and especially the locals, who visit this place a lot. There are electrical installations above your head to watch out from. If you happen to be taller a bit, you might get in trouble. This is not a strictly floating market, since there are many areas on the ground.

Many great meals is unquestionably the first association of this market. There are lots of “restaurants” where people come to eat and have a pleasant afternoon. You can enjoy a fine meal sitting next to water. It is possible to book boat trip on a large wooden boat-restaurant from here.


Kwan-Riam Floating Market

Located in the central area of Bangkok, the Kwan Riam floating market is found between Soi Saereethai 60 and Soi Ramkhamhaeng 187. Opened in 2012, the market opens for 2 hours only from 7am to 9am. The name of the market came from the characters in a novel published in 1936, “Plea Gao”.

You can choose and shop from traditional food, desserts and drinks from boats where the recipes are being prepared. The boat services allow visitors some exquisite sightseeing, which people use for some good-looking picture taking. The market is clean and well maintained by its managing team.


Lam Phaya Floating Market

Lam Phaya temple on the ThaJeen River is a popular Buddhist temple of more than 100 years old, where big numbers of tourists come to visit each week. Found near Bangkok, around a 30-min drive, the Lam Phaya floating market is found in front of this monumental temple. It was built in collaboration with the temple, aiming to sell goods and wares from the temple. There is a wide array of products offered on a floating docks in front of the temple, showcasing local craftsmanship and tropical fruits.

Most of the floating markets have incorporated fish feeding activity (some have them from beginning) and some boat rides for the visitors. Same goes to this market. The opening time is from 6am to 5pm, only on weekends and holidays.


Bang Nok Kwaek Market

Bang Nok Kwaek canal in Bang Khon Tree District is the location of a community hub of neighborhoods who gather here every day to trade, eat great food and browse through hundreds of local goods. Even though the market was initially serving for locals and inner trade businesses, in recent years it has become popular with tourists.

The local way of life is greatly showcased here, with genuine rustic houses standing on the water. You can learn a lot about the culture, the traditions and customs, buy some lovely hand-made goods and eat some great meals. As it is considered standard service among floating markets around Bangkok, you can enjoy boat tours on the Mae Klong River. The rides are expected to be free, but you need to buy some goods in exchange later.

14 Floating Markets Around Bangkok
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