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Jim Thompson House

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Thanon Rama I Wang Mai, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10400
Opening Days: 7 days a week
Opening Hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Entrance Fee: 100 baht (adult) 50 baht (child)

Jim Thompson House is a popular museum in Bangkok and one of the known tourist attractions in the city. Originally, it is the house of James H. W. Thompson, who was an American and the founder of Jim Thompson Thai Silk Company. He visited Thailand after World War II and started a business to become a popular entrepreneur in Thailand. Though he mysteriously disappeared in Malaysia in 1967, his house remains a memorial of his interest in Southeast Asian antiques and arts. In fact, his collection kept growing parallel to his business.

The Jim Thompson House sits along the bank of Saen Saeb Canal. It is a residential enclave that speaks elegance consisting of six traditionally Thai teakwood houses. The mansion showcases the typical Southeast Asian heritage and culture.

The house subtly combines Western features into the predominant Eastern style of architecture. The nearly dull facade houses a fully decked up interior. Clear lighting focuses on the antiques mounted on the walls. The walls show a standing Buddha from the seventeenth century along with figurine carved out in hand. The most noteworthy piece of art is the Belgian chandelier hanging from the ceiling (photo-taking is prohibited inside the house)

Many old teak houses that Jim Thompson bought is the result of the need for more room to accommodate expanding collection and his interest in architecture. Henry Thompson III, nephew of Jim Thompson dedicated the property to Thai people. The body that maintains the museum is James H. W. Thompson Foundation. Even decades later, the property is largely as it was under James. The foundation did rearrange setup of some of the displays to ensure adequate security.

Floor Plan

Much of the area on the left side of the floor plan were originally architectured by Jim Thompson in 1957. The restaurant and Jim Thompson Center shown on the right side were built in the later stage.

Tour Guide

The entrance fee of 100 baht is inclusive of the guided tour. Each of the guide is trained in a specific foreign language. There are several language groups that are conducted in English, Chinese, French and Japanese etc. You can choose which group you want to join. Simply tell your preference at the reception and wait for the tour to begin.

King of Silk

Jim Thompson made great contribution in reviving Thai silk and is widely respected by the Thai people.

Green Garden

This is a wonderful compound enclosed by lush green garden.

Love for Southeast Asian Art

Jim had a large collection of Buddhist art from Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Laos and China. Most of the antiques are at least a few hundreds years old.

Extended Compound

Jim Thompson House was extended to accommodate more tourists. A restaurant, a textile center and shop were added.


Have a cup of tea or a meal in the green setting.

Dance Performance

Enjoy traditional dance performance by a professional Thai dancer.

Silk Reeling

You can see how a cocoon is turned into silk. The man is showing the process of unwinding the silk filaments from the cocoon and combining them together to make a thread of raw silk.

Free Shuttle Bus

The free shuttle bus sends you to the main road. By walking, it’ll only take 5mins only so the shuttle service is quite redundant.

How to Get Here?

The easiest way to get to Jim Thompson House is by taking the BTS skytrain. Alight National Statdium station and take exit one. From here, take a 5 mins walk down nearby Soi Kasemsan 2.

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