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Joy Luck Club

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18 Phra Sumen Rd. | Chana Songkhram, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200, Thailand

Joy Luck Club is located at Prasumain Road in Chana Songkhram in Phra Nakhon. It is a lovely restaurant with a highly talented chef. The food served at the restaurant have little flaw. It is freshly prepared, nicely presented and delicious. The decoration of the restaurant is very good too.

Authentic Local Dishes in the Menu

The most admirable part of the restaurant is the lady who cooks the dishes. She is energetic and fast enough to prepare dishes for a group of ten or more in relatively short period of time. The dishes served in Joy Luck Club are authentic Thai cuisines. What makes them special is the feeling of love that the lady seems to pour in every dish she prepares.

An International Experience

Joy Luck Club is another Thai restaurant but it has maintained international standards, to some extent.

The interior of the restaurant appears to be some kind of an art exhibition gallery. There are showpieces, paintings and other decorative items to beautify the seating area. In addition to the nice atmosphere, the service is good too. The dishes are uneatable, not just because of the taste but also the presentation. Rice served is a shape of a cute teddy bear or duck and ornamented appropriately for eyes.

What will shoot the favouritism for the restaurant is the price. After all the finger-licking dishes, the reasonable price just confirms a 5-star review from the guests.

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