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La Table de Tee

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69/5 Saladeng Road, Bangkok 10500 , Thailand

Located close to MRT and BTS stops, the outside street of the restaurant appears a bit grubby and run-down. But, the interiors of the restaurant have designed immaculately in a sophisticated and chic manner. The intimate romantic settings of the restaurant along with delicious, well-presented French food make it a popular choice for those looking for a quality, value for money restaurant in Bangkok.

Excellent Choice of Dishes

The young chef at the restaurant who was trained in London comes up with unique combinations of the local dishes with something more western. Quality of ingredients used in the dishes is what makes all the difference in the tastes and the flavors. Most of the dishes retain their traditional taste and flavor with an added punch of something out of the box from the chef. The dishes can be considered as the ideal fusion between French cuisine and Thai flavor and produce.

Decent Selection of Drinks

The restaurant also boasts of a good selection of French, Thai and New World wines. Glasses start at 240 Baht while there is also a cocktail menu which is decent and short. Those who prefer to have hard liquors can opt for Shirley Temples.

The restaurant has already turned out to be a favorite spot for several people in the city looking for some quality food within a relaxed and sophisticated environment. It is always advisable to make advance bookings as the place remains crowded especially during weekends.

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