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Lumpini Park

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Rama IV Road, Bangkok

Lumpini Park is where you get fresh air, tranquility, shade and a typical countryside atmosphere. You will come across a whole range of flora and fauna in this half million square kilometre park. The park dates back to 1920s when it was established as a centre for displaying flowers and exhibiting Thai local crafts. However, with time the park has developed into a place for leisure activities for not just locals but tourists too. Hawkers sit with their stalls selling snacks to the visitors and mats are available. The gardens are spacious where the locals can be seen working out, jogging, or cycling.

Lumpini Park derives its name from a Nepalese area where Lord Buddha was born. It was developed in 1920 and was intended to function as an exhibition area for flowers and Thai craft displays. Though the intended purpose of the park could not be realised, it gradually became a favourite place of Thais for outdoor activities.

A Huge Park

Lumpini Park is an isle of nature in the middle of Bangkok. It has expanse of 142 acres and is a rare open space for public. Visitors love to enjoy boat ride on the decently big artificial lake. The paths around Lumpini Park are approximately 2.5 kilometres in total length and are popular among joggers.

An Unique Blend of Greenery and Animal Diversity

Being in Lumpini Park is a delight for more than one reason. In addition to the greenery and the inner-city forest atmosphere, the biodiversity that can be observed in the park is abundant. Species of lizards of the size of caiman sunbathe can be found on the shore of the lake. Acrobatics of squirrels and strolling palm-sized molluscs are common sights too.

There are several food vendors outside the gates of the park. From fast food to fruit and vegetable salads to juices, variety in options is impressive.

Lumpini Park remains open from 4:30 in the morning to 9 o’clock at night daily.

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