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Capital of Thailand, Bangkok happens to be one of the most dynamic cities of Asia with something new to offer at every turn. Glittering temples, gleaming skyscrapers, sophisticated shopping malls, colourful street markets and bustling nightlife offer this spectacular city with an exotic and wild atmosphere. The city features a splendid combination of modern convenience along with old-world charm.
The close location of the city to the equator provides it with a tropical climate and the monsoon generally begins from the month of May and continues till July. November and December are the months when the residents and travellers get some respite from the hot humid weather.
As a modern, booming metropolis with a population of around nine million people, the city manages to preserve its unique heritage in its culture, wonderful food, Buddhist tolerance, exotic architecture and friendly hospitality.
The official language is Thai but, English is understood and spoken by majority of the locals. Thai Baht is the local currency and there are plenty of banks scattered throughout the city operating for long hours.
This exciting city has a plethora of luxury and budget-friendly hotels for the huge number of tourists visiting the place during different times of the year. Bangkok is also regarded as shopper’s paradise boasting of home-grown boutique labels, global branded stores, luxury malls and local markets.
Dining in Bangkok is a special attraction for many travellers simply because of availability of so many options throughout the city. Starting from fine dining gems to vendors selling local delicacies, the place promises to offer mouth-watering delicacies from different parts of the world. Two airports, the Don Muang Airport and Suvarnabhumi Airport cater to different flights arriving from various parts of the world.
Within the city, transportation is well taken care of by its skytrain, buses, taxis, Metro, boats and the traditional Tuk-tuks.


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