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Ranee’s Restaurant

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15 Trok Mayom,Chakkrapong Road, Bangkok 10200, Thailand

Ranee’s Restaurant offers a standard experience to its visitors and guests. What makes this restaurant especially popular is the quality of servings it offers. The food offered is prepared from a fresh stock of ingredients. The atmosphere of the restaurant is peaceful that is perfect to relax.

Among the most preferred of the items in the restaurant, you would count coffee that has been freshly brewed and hot baguette sandwiches. The bacon they offer is especially delicious.

A Thai Environment

The restaurant is owned and run by a French along with his Thai wife. The meals are fresh and palatable. However, the prices are a little higher. The staffs are warm in their behaviour and hospitable too. They deliver timely and punctual services. They are helpful as well as they aid in going through the menu.

The interiors of the restaurant, however, are not much interesting. In fact, some of the areas inside are rather shabby. The walls are made up of thin ply-boards which make the noise inside the hostel and that outside on the streets audible inside.

Top Notch Facilities

The facilities offered inside the restaurant are moderately good but cannot be said to be unfailing in anything. Apart from offering traditional Thai meals, the restaurant also offers other classic European and international meals. They have a special section of desserts that not just include Thai preparations but also include other famous international desserts.

The restaurant offers some of the Japanese delights as well. The portions offered are quite large and filling.

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