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Ah Meng Crab Meat Noodle

When you exit Silom MRT station and use the flyover to walk towards Sala Daeng BTS station, about 80m after the exit on your right hand side, you’ll notice a 3-storey restaurant that is packed with ... Read More

Best of 2015

Panya Seafood Restaurant

To get a fresh seafood meal at the price locals are paying for, you have to visit the Panya Seafood Restaurant. This is not a restaurant raved about by fellow foreigners but if you have a ... Read More


Moo Krop Nai Tai Restaurant

One of the restaurants that local Thai raved about at the Bang Sue district is located between Soi 33 and 34 of Pracha Chuen Road. Once you are there, you won’t miss this restaurant as it ... Read More

Best of 2015

Siam House Cafe

Diverse or eclectic are words that can define the ambience and atmosphere of the Siam House Cafe. This traditional yet modern cafe offers myriad options to choose from. Foods include a large variety ranging from Thai ... Read More

Best of 2015

Face Bangkok

Face Bangkok is a beautiful and charming restaurant located amid tranquil surroundings. It is made up of teak houses asserting a kind of rural feel despite the sophisticated and modern ambience. The antique look of the ... Read More


Pong Lee

The location of Pong Lee might not be convenient. The sole reason that makes it stand out among the other reputed and famous restaurants of Bangkok is the quality food that it serves. The restaurant specializes ... Read More


The Wave

The Wave is a rather recent addition to the restaurants of Bangkok. In fact, it celebrated its first anniversary quite recently on the Thonburi side. The restaurant receives a good number of visitors every night and ... Read More

Best of 2015

Ranee’s Restaurant

Ranee’s Restaurant offers a standard experience to its visitors and guests. What makes this restaurant especially popular is the quality of servings it offers. The food offered is prepared from a fresh stock of ingredients. The ... Read More


Oasis Lounge

This is the type of place where you can easily walk into and feel familiar and warm immediately. It is the reminiscent of one’s favourite neighbourhood bar, with only one big difference- authentic Thai cuisine replacing ... Read More


Ruen Urai

Ruen Urai is at Surawong Road. The restaurant is housed in a beautiful and well preserved house made of teak wood. The look of the house is the first of the many surprises that you will ... Read More

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