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Ruen Urai

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118 Surawongse Road, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

Ruen Urai is at Surawong Road. The restaurant is housed in a beautiful and well preserved house made of teak wood. The look of the house is the first of the many surprises that you will experience.

Though it is recommended that too much should not be expected from Ruen Urai. That said, the building, the environment, the atmosphere, the food, the service and the price are all good. However, the music that is played in the restaurant is too funky and not appreciable.

Authentic Thai Dishes at its Best

Going to the details, the food, which is the core service of any restaurant, is good but not one of the best. The dishes have authentic Thai flavours. They taste like every ingredient has been freshly peeled, mashed, squashed and all the processing and pre-processing has been done especially for the particular dish that has been served.

Some dishes might have unbalanced flavours but it is hard to say whether the chef has flawed or is it purposefully done for creativity and for sake of tourists. In addition to common names, some of the less known dishes such as Miang and Naam Prik are also served with equal finesse. However, at times, the presentation is a little awkward, which perhaps results from overambitious attempt to appear international.

Warm and Friendly Services

The service is efficient and friendly and the service time is acceptable too. The price of dishes is in the expensive category but that is the case with most tourist-oriented restaurants.

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