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Sampeng Market

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Soi Wanit 1, Yaowarat, Bangkok 10200, Thailand
Shopping for Accessories

The walkway of the market is small, yet it is also served to transport goods. The shops are very small too. Therefore, you can’t find products that needs bigger space to display. Accessories such as bags, shoes, hats, artificial jewellery are the main products selling here.

Due to the space constraint, you can hardly find any clothes shops here. If you need to buy some nice and cheap clothes, go to the Platinum Fashion Mall instead which is about 5km from the Sampeng Market.

Crowded Atmosphere

Because of the fact that most products are selling at wholesale price, this place is always packed with people, especially retailers who come and buy the products in bulk and resell them in other places. If you want to buy in small quantity, the price is higher but still very cheap compare to other places. So there is no lack of local Thais and tourists hanging out in this place to get the best deal.

Shops in Adjacent Roads

Shops selling shoes are gathered along Yaowa Phanit Road.

Mangkon Road is where cheap handbags and even designer bags can be found.

How to get to Sampeng Market?

Sampeng Market is in the Chinatown area. It is not accessible via MRT or BTS. The nearest MRT station is Hua Lamphong. From there, you can take taxi, tuk tuk or motorbike taxi. The fare of the motorbike taxi is about 40 baht.

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