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Siam House Cafe

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90 Silom 20 | Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand

Diverse or eclectic are words that can define the ambience and atmosphere of the Siam House Cafe. This traditional yet modern cafe offers myriad options to choose from. Foods include a large variety ranging from Thai classics to street foods. You should not be amazed if they offer you some of the most sumptuous global delicacies.

Quality Cuisine and Friendly Staff

The cafe offers quality cuisine that is freshly prepared. Apart from the local Thai delights, the cafe also offers foreign foods and international delights as well. They have a separate section that offers sweet dishes and desserts that are typically Thai.

The servings are large and filling and the prices charged are reasonable. The staffs at the cafe are friendly and hospitable and they would help you out with the menu if you are unable to select one. They offer punctual and fast services. The cafe also offers quality and branded wines and beers that consist of a huge collection from all over the world.


Siam House Cafe offers a modern and classic ambience and yet it comes with a Thai touch. The decorations create a subtle balance between the modern and the traditional, while going midway between Thai designs and the Western style. The atmosphere here is classic offering a suitable place for friends to hang out and families to have a good time together.

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