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Siam Paragon

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991/1 Rama 1 Rd, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Opened in 2005, Siam Paragon is a departmental store in Bangkok. It is one of the biggest malls in Asia. From essential items to sheer luxury goods, everything is available at Siam paragon. It has a multiplex cinema hall, a number of restaurants and several specialty stores in different domains. The Paragon Cineplex has 15 big theatres, one of which has the biggest screen in Asia.

Siam Ocean World or the Underwater World, one of the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia is also part of Siam Paragon. A karaoke centre, a bowling alley, an opera concert auditorium, an exhibition hall and Thai Art Gallery also comprise the splendid shopping centre.

At the top floor is Power Mall Ultra, which houses the latest and the most popular of information technology, digital, electronics and audiovisual products. One floor down to Power Mall Ultra is Paragon Men which houses designer menswear that is trendy in style and ultimate in fashion. Female fashion and style arrangement is right below Paragon Men. All manifestations of women’s garments, essentials and accessories can be found at the ladies floor. From sober moms to femme fatales, feminist item for everyone is available on the floor.

As visitors will move upwards from the ground floor, they will come across wide varieties of confectioneries, decadent patisseries, wholesome bakery goods, salad bars, soups & fruit juice outlets, fresh health food items and whatever their minds can think of. Options for pampering body and mind are on the next floor on the ascent. Spas and other massage and beauty treatment centres are on the first floor.

Grandeur comes at a cost. Things are expensive in the mall but who complains. In fact, people visit to enjoy the glitter. In addition to the rich, the pampered and the glamorous, sheer curious visitors flock the ultimate shopping destination.

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