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Siriraj Medical Museum

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Siriraj Hospital, 2 Prannok Rd, Siriraj, Bangkok Noi, Bangkok 10700

Siriraj Medical Museum, located in Bangkok, is one of the most interesting troves for anatomical, parasitological, forensic, and pathological specimens. Also known as Museum of Death, this museum houses the most curious examples of medical science. There are six different museums in the building, which have been combined into one. They include a prehistoric museum, anatomical museum, parasitological museum, forensic museum, museum of Thai medicinal history, and pathological museum. You can find the most unusual sights here such as the mummified corpse of the notorious serial killer.

Holdings of the Museum

The museum has been housed in one of the oldest hospitals and it is where Thailand’s king goes when sick. The hospital had also been a medical school that had been established in 1886 and houses a number of medical curiosities. The museum consists of unbelievable holdings which include pathological foetuses, preserved organs, bones, rows of skulls, etc. Additionally, there are other preserved items such as parasitic worms, the scrotum, measuring two and a half foot, of a man who had been suffering from elephantiasis, a nervous system that has been gently dissected.

You would also want to have a glimpse of the founder of the museum at least that of the skeletal remaining that has been preserved beautifully by the museum. The displays are extreme to some people and children are not allowed to enter without guidance.

You can also find a traditional Thai medical shop inside the museum.

The Hospital of the Early Times

When the Siriraj Hospital had been first established, it became the first medical centre of Thailand. The hospital had been the first of its kind in Thailand that trained nurses and doctors for over a century. During the first one hundred and twenty years the hospital had pioneered modern medicine in not just Thailand but in the entire Southeast Asia.

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