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Sompong Thai Cooking School

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31/11 Silom Soi 13, Silom Rd, Bangkok 10500

These people specialize in teaching the art of cooking delicious and healthy Thai food so that you can surprise your friends and family back home.

Here, you will be getting hands-on experience and get to realize that you can also cook some amazing set of Thai meals. Qualified Thai personnel conduct this fantastic cooking class.

The schools has pleasant environment. The good thing about the school is that its environment is not like professional culinary training schools. It is the intention of the founders to do it this way to attract tourists. They have kept the atmosphere light, friendly and enjoyable.

However, amidst the fun and ample interaction, the standard of the tutorial is not neglected. The tutors really put in their effort to help you learn as many dishes as you want. Irin is one of the trainers at Sompong and she really knows what she is there to do.

An Extensive Cooking Course

Sompong Thai Cooking School has extensive cooking course. There are several recipes that are taught in the school. The courses are divided into days. That is, each day has different set of recipes that you can choose to learn. However, 5 dishes are included in the course irrespective of the day.

Chicken Green Curry, Pomelo Salad, Panaeng Chicken Curry, Thai Papaya Salad, Chicken Yellow Curry, Mango Sticky Rice, Chicken Fried Rice, Spicy Prawns Soup, Chicken Red Curry, etc. are some of the dishes that you can learn to cook there.

Half Day Classes

This class extends for half a day. Interestingly, you also get to visit the local market with the culinary trainers. It is very refreshing to know about local Thai vegetables and other raw ingredients. You may visit the markets on your own but the insight gained after being with a local is unmatchable to any private experience.
After getting ready the raw ingredients, the cooking class begins with starters, main course along with side dish and the dessert. As a local cooking school, Sompong Thai is doing good.

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