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Sunrise Tacos

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Sunrise Tacos is a restaurant chain where you can get hold of the healthiest and tastiest Mexican food in Bangkok. Only 100% pure corn products are used by this restaurant in its dishes with no additives and preservatives. The ingredients are simple yet flavourful with which it creates healthy and deeply satisfying dishes. The corn that these people use is non-transgenic and non-genetically modified. The restaurant takes pride in their food’s quality and freshness, with everything including corn, beef, pork, fish, cheese, strawberries, and avocados being imported from foreign locales.

Chef Luis

It is the job of Luis, the talented master chef from Mexico to retain the real Mexican style and flavour. Every dish on the menu was created and perfected by him.

Simple and Cozy Ambience

All the branches have air-conditioned dining area. Some branches has an open space to allow you to enjoy the food outside.

Healthy Dishes

The healthiness and flavour of dishes offered by Sunrise Tacos can be best demonstrated by the way the food is prepared. Most vegetables are served fresh to retain the nutritious value. Together with the best quality meat which is carefully prepared with healthy cuts and the wrap that provide the carbohydrate, you get a delightful meal to satisfy your taste buds and a balanced and healthy meal that your body needs.

Address:234/ 5-6 Sukhumvit Rd, (between soi 12 and 14) Khlong Toei, Klong Toey, Bangkok 10110
Address:5th Floor, Park Food Hall, Sukhumvit Rd, Soi 24
Address:Silom Rd, Corner of Soi 4
Address:4th floor, Sukhumvit Rd and Asoke
Interview with Greg, the owner of Sunrise Tacos
Q1. Can you share with us the culinary background of your Mexican chef, Luis?

Greg: Chef Luis was raised in Colina, Mexico and began helping his mother, who was a chef at a government agency, when he was 14 years old. At age 16 Chef Luis emigrated to the United States where he began his life fully in restaurants and hotels.

Chef Luis has worked in the Sheraton, Holiday Inn, Marriott Hotel, Hilton Hotel as well as well known restaurants such as the Hard Rock Cafe, Joe’s Crab Shack, Romano’s Macaroni Grill and others where he built up experience in the restaurant business. After 11 years he returned to Mexico where he graduated as a Master Chef in Mexican food and then spent 5 more years working in Mexico increasing his repertoire and range.

In 2008 Chef Luis was sent to Beijing in China by the president of the Franchises of Mexico Mr. Carlos Roberts, where he opened the first Fogoncito branch in China. He then expanded the business opening 5 more restaurants in China.

Chef Luis came to Sunrise Tacos in Bangkok in 2011 to work as Head Chef.

Q2. The taste of Mexican food is quite different from the local Thai’s one. Being the best Mexican food in Bangkok, how receptive do the Thai people towards the taste of the food?

Greg: Local residents love the fresh flavor and low fat. In additional Mexican food uses many similar ingredients such as cilantro (fresh coriander) and the different types of chilies that we import.

Q3. What goes into making the perfect Mexican food?

Greg: Good, fresh homemade tortillas, good guacamole, fresh homemade sauce and of course food cooked fresh every day

Q4. You are partnering with franchisees to open more branches this year. How do you ensure the food and service quality are not compromised?

Greg: If they don’t follow. We kill them -) Seriously we are selective on who we choose and do evaluations on the branches.

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