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313 Th Maha Chai | Banglamphu, Bangkok, Thailand

When it comes to Bangkok’s best Pad Thai, the name of Thip Samai definitely comes to the mind of those who have already visited the restaurant. Pad Thai happens to be a highly recognized Thai dish available throughout the world. The restaurant was established in the year 1966 and has been flourishing since its inception.

Fast and Efficient Service

The restaurant starts operating at about five in the evening with the fires kindled and chefs at full flow to meet the demands of the customers. People order takeaways as well as sit down to have their dinner.

Charcoal is used on a constant basis to keep the fires flaming so as to produce fierce heat required for the perfect scorched flavor. Nearly ten to fifteen plates are cooked simultaneously so as to hurry with the orders. Different types of Pad Thai can be ordered and the service offered by the restaurant is fast and efficient.

Original Pad Thai

The Pad Thai Haw Kai Goong Sot or Pad Thai with egg wrapping is the best dish of the restaurant. The egg wrapper consists of cooked noodles and jumbo prawns inside it serving as a delicious dish. Thip Samai has earned a huge recognition throughout Bangkok as one of the best restaurants for Pad Thai.

Drinks are also served at the restaurant which includes Coconut Shaved Ice and its famous, Orange Juice. The orange juice served here contains loads of pulp and is definitely a favored drink at the place.

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