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Erawan Shrine (Thao Mahaprom Shrine)

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494 Rajdamri Road, Bangkok

Erected in the mid 20th century, Erawan Shrine is dedicated to Brahma or Than Tao Mahaprom who is believed to be full of mercy, kindness, impartiality, and sympathy. These are the four virtues that are represented by the four faces of deity, where each face radiates a serene grace.

The building of the temple was accompanied with several superstitious beliefs. When the Thai government passed the order to build the Erawan hotel in the place, a number of difficulties beset in the primary stages of construction. Most of the Thais are of the belief that a deity or god resides in all plots and lands. They therefore require a ceremonial offering that should be done on an auspicious day in order to appease the deity before construction is started on the land. After the completion of the project a permanent shrine is erected with a chosen deity. Brahma then became the deity of the temple as a solution to the superstitions that hovered on the construction site.

The shrine is new in Bangkok but it attracts more number of visitors than any other temples in the city. A large number of people, including locals and tourists visit the shrine. Ceremonial offerings are made by both the Thais and the foreigners who offer flower garlands, fruits, and teakwood elephants, hoping to get their wishes fulfilled by paying honours to the deity.

The temple is open to the visitors from early mornings till late nights.

Flower Offering

Offering of flowers by a devoted prayer.

Votive Ceremony

When a wish is fulfilled, prayers hire temple dancers to return favour in the votive ceremony.

Price List


Oblation can be purchased inside the temple for solemn offering.

Donation Box

You may make cash donation to be used for temple maintenance and other charity purposes.

How to get to Erawan Shrine?

The nearest BTS station to this shrine is Chit Lom which is about 350m away and takes about 5 min walk.

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